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Employee Testimonials

When I joined the CNB team 14 years ago, there were few women leaders in the organization.  Since that time I have seen many of my female coworkers rise through the ranks into positions of leadership, including the level of executive management.   Having these women leaders as supporters and proponents can only prove to strengthen the progress we make, as both an industry and CNB bank specifically. 

Most recently, I was asked to participate in an 18-month long leadership program, known as the CNB Leadership Institute.  I was told that I and 24 of  my coworkers had been selected to participate, based on current management identifying the importance of fostering leadership skills in those who they viewed as potential key members in the organization.  When I walked into the meeting room Photo of Katie Penoyerfor our first scheduled gathering, I was immediately struck by the fact that there were more women in the room than men. 

Two generations ago, to see a room full of future banking leaders be represented as majority female would have been unheard of.  Now I’m so pleased to be a part of the progress that we, as a society, as an industry, and as an organization, are making toward recognizing and rewarding our future leaders not based on their gender, but rather their industry knowledge, leadership skills, their commitment to exceed strategic goals and attain highest levels of customer satisfaction.

-Katie Penoyer

Diversity and inclusion are important in today’s world, and here at CNB our dedication to teamwork has proved how much we value it. I served in the military and learned a lot of things, but the most important of them was teamwork. It’s really hard to replicate a scenario as chaotic as a warzone, and because of this a lot of lessons are learned. I served two tours in Afghanistan and this experience showed me that as a group, instead of as an individual, we can achieve much greater things. When you serve with people from all corners of the country, there will be inevitable differences that you have, but when you make a commitment to inclusion and teamwork for everyone, the group is stronger because of it.

Ever since I have been here at CNB I have seen this firsthand for the first time outside of the military world. The people here are truly committed to working together in pursuit of doing what’s best for our customers, making them happy, and giving all around great service no matter who it is. This couldn’t be done if we didn’t have the dedication to inclusivity and teamwork that we have. There are no individuals here that are only for themselves, only a team that’s strives to treat customers, employees, and people in general the way they should be treated. I am extremely proud to work for CNB and appreciate that all of us will work our hardest together to do right by the customer and other employees, no matter who it is or where they are from.

-Cyril Dunham

From the outside looking in, banking probably still looks like a male dominated industry.  At CNB this is hardly the case.  The meetings, trainings and events that I attend as an employee and a banker are predominately attended by woman of all ages, shapes, sizes, races and ethnicities.
We strive to create a working culture where diversity is an all-inclusive concept. 

As a woman employed at CNB Bank for over 23 years I have been afforded a tremendous amount of opportunities.  Beginning my career as a Branch Supervisor to the position I am in now as AVP/Branch Manager/Market Manger. Photo of Vickie Baker

CNB Bank actively seeks ways to honor the diverseness of our employees by celebrating annual Diversity Days at our offices; inviting team members to share recipes, stories and life experiences unique to our own personal natural origins, ethnicities and races.  This creates many learning opportunities for all employees that no doubt lead to better working relationships while also creating friendships that last a lifetime, well beyond our careers at CNB Bank.

CNB Bank is truly an awesome place to work for so many reasons, our commitment to diversity and inclusion play an important role.  This commitment makes employees feel equally as important as the employee standing next to them or sitting in the office across from them.

-Vickie Baker